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Educational Philosophy

Teaching is knowing that all students possess the ability to learn.

Learning is the process of acquiring knowledge.

Every student is a teacher’s very own mystery, and we have to figure out how to teach them.

I knew that I wanted to be a teacher when I was filling a long term teaching position teaching classified students and a mother, who worked at one of the schools I would visit, approached me and asked me to tutor her son along with the extra help I was already giving him.   She told me that on the way home after a few days of working with him, he was excited about what he had read in class that day and was able to retain and tell her about a majority of the article that he had read.   I felt as though I actually was able to make a difference for him and found a way to make him interested in reading and retain and understand what he had read, and I wanted to do so much more.

My pedagogical goals are to be able to figure out the learning styles of my students and effectively adapt to them and meet their needs.   I want to assist them to achieve their own personal and academic goals of graduating high school.   I have chosen to teach at the high school level because I want to share with them the love of reading, literature and writing.   I am a perpetual student in life and academically, having earned an Associate’s Degree in Accounting, a Bachelor’s Degree in English and a Certification in Legal Assistant Studies, and I want my students to understand what will be expected of them in their future college experiences and how exciting it can be.   I want them to understand the importance of questioning everything in their worlds.

I would like to have a working partnership with the parents of my students that will motivate my students to do their best on all assignments and encourage them during their high school experiences.   My communication lines will be open to parents and students using a website, and an online assessment program called Engrade.   Parents and students will be able to keep track of their progress along with newsletters, phone calls and correspondence mailed home and a website on WordPress.com, where my technology-obsessed students can access work, assignments, research information and other documents to help them work through my class.

My individual assessments will vary from orally answering questions to prove their comprehension of the subject matter to short answer writings to exams after the subject matters have been discussed thoroughly and even unit exams to verify that the students were able to retain the information that may have been covered a month prior.   I would like to get to know my students and support their multiple intelligences when it comes to academic learning and their multicultural differences to be better able to creatively explore our curriculum to find opportunities to positively accentuate the value of my lessons and connect them to the various types of lives of my students.

I am excited about getting started in the classroom with my students, getting to know a new class of kids and sharing my love of reading and writing.   I hope to create a stimulating learning environment that will coach my students toward academic success.




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